CMC Marine & Aviation Service Guide

CMC Marine & Aviation (hereinafter CMCMA) considers it important to provide you with clear insight in the services that we offer. The CMCMA Service Guide has been drawn up for this purpose.

Insurance services
CMCMA Service Guide mainly aims to provide advice on the following areas:
– All types of nonlife and health insurance;
– Analysis and advice.

Where relevant all parts of the group subscribe to CMCMA Service Guide. It complies with the requirements as laid down in the Financial Supervision Act (Wft).

A. Who are we?
CMCMA BV, with its registered office in Lelystad, was established in 1991, it provides intermediary services and gives advice in the field of nonlife (aviation) insurance, analysis and advice. CMC Marine & Aviation is listed in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 39058678

CMC Marine & Aviation can independently offer products and services from all insurance companies.

We comply with all requirements as set by the Financial Supervision Act. We have the required licenses from the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets. These licenses are statutorily required to provide the intermediary services for insurance, mortgages and other financial services.

CMC Marine & Aviation is registered under license number 12002275. Furthermore, CMCMA is registered with Kifid under number 20004039.

Our license extends to advice and intermediary services on the following products:
Non life insurance (and authorized representative for non life insurance);

We offer extensive advice in the following areas:
Non life insurance, this includes insurance of aircraft, buildings, constructions, contents, liability, vehicles, accidents, legal assistance and so forth.
Insurance that pays a sum in case of disability or death.

In order to carry out our services, we require your personal information. In accordance with the
Personal Data Protection Act, all information is handled confidentially.

Our quality standard applies to the advice, the method of advising, and the way in which the employees’ professional knowledge is kept up to date. In order to stay up-to date, our insurance advisors take part in permanent education. In accordance with the requirements of the Financial Supervision Act (Wft), CMCMA has sufficient professional liability insurance.

B. Our relation with insurers
The services that we offer are fully independent. This means we are completely free to advise you on all products of all insurers. This allows us to include the products of multiple insurers in our advice. CMCMA has no contractual obligations to exclusively provide services on behalf of any insurers.

As a result of our specialism, we do have special arrangements for certain affinity groups. Through these arrangements we are able to make attractive offers with regard to the pricing and contents of the insurance cover. Based on your personal situation, we help find the solutions that best match your financial/insurance needs. In other words, “We help you to make the right choice.”

C. Our services
If you contact us and where relevant and desirable for non life insurance products, you can expect the following services from us:
An inventory of your current insurance package. We will advise you on any risks that remain at your own expense, and which risks can be passed on to the insurers via an insurance.
If desired, we will help you to terminate the insurance that has been placed with another insurance company.
Providing recommendations to limit the chance of damage/injury. This includes fire and burglary prevention measures.
We will assess if the preventative measures taken by you give cause to a reduction of the premium.
In consultation with you, we will make sure that you are not over insured or underinsured.
If you desire, we will assess your current insurance on the conditions and premiums to see if we are able to offer you a better or more completive proposal.

D. How are we paid?
Remuneration based on commission
After providing our services we will receive payment as part of the premium, a commission or extra interest which is charged to you. This is received from the insurance company where your insurance is placed.

You will be notified in advance of any extra services that are to be provided which are directly charged to you.

Remuneration based on expenses
Some of the services that we provide are charged on the basis of hourly rates, of which you will notified in advance. Before commencing with our tasks, we will estimate the costs involved at your request. You will be notified of any additional work respectively any cost overruns and the financial consequences will be discussed with you. For some of our services we will request an advance payment of costs to be incurred. Our invoices are specified per task and the number of hours involved. We work with pre-arranged prices. Furthermore, you will be notified if must pay Dutch VAT (BTW) or insurance tax.

E. What do we expect from you?
You have the right to set high requirements on our services. To offer you the best possible service, we also expect a number of things from you:
It is important that the information that you provide is correct and complete. This is in your own interest. If, after submitting a claim, it appears that you have provided incorrect or incomplete information, then on the grounds of the insurance conditions the insurer could be entitled to not pay or not fully pay the claim.
If you also have insurance cover elsewhere, it is important that you inform us. This information is necessary to determine if you are under insured or over insured.
For certain products (so-called high-risk products) we will lay down your personal situation in writing and create a client profile. After we have filled this in with you, both you and our advisor will sign this form. We have developed a risk inventory form for our business relations that will be gone through and filled together with you.
For certain services we are statutorily obligated to determine your identity via an original identity document. If applicable, the advisor will ask you to provide such identification.
To prevent risks from being uninsured, we kindly request that you notify us as soon as possible of any changes in the personal situation or changes to insured affairs. Changes in the personal situation include: Birth, cohabitation, marriage, divorce, death, a change to your home’s designated use, changing profession, relevant change in income, purchase of valuable items, extensions to and renovations of your home, moving house and termination or alteration of insurance that is taken our elsewhere.
We will maintain all contacts with the insurer, unless arranged otherwise as is the case with health insurance. If you want to contact the insurer yourself, we will notify the insurer.
Please keep us updated on any direct communication with the insurer, so that we can guide you accordingly. Health insurance is usually handled directly. The insurance policy is sent directly to you. We will only receive a copy of the insurance policy.

F. Payment of premium
There are different options for paying the premiums. Each policy states the method of collection.

General agreements regarding payment of premium
The payment of premium or direct debits occurs at fixed times, of which you will be notified in advance.

In principle, premiums are paid per year. In consultation with us, you can choose to pay the premiums per six months, per quarter or per month. You will be notified in advance of any surcharges that are payable as a result of spread payments.

Collection by us
If we notify you that the payable premium will be directly collected by us – on behalf of the insurance company – you can choose between different forms of payment:
We will send you an invoice;
Direct debit from the bank account, after you have authorized us to collect the premium.
If you have paid the premium directly to us, then you are indemnified against payment to the insurance company.

Collection by the insurer
You can authorize the insurance company to collect the premium from your bank account via direct debit. The direct debit occurs at a fixed time, which you are notified of in advance. If you have questions regarding the payment, do not agree with the sum or if you want to claim back the payment, then we can offer our advice and assistance.

Problems with payment of premium
It is important that you pay the premiums on time. If you do not pay on time, the insurance company, in certain circumstances, can refuse to pay out the claim. In this case the payable premium can still be collected via a judicial action. In that case you will also be charged the costs attaching to this.

If you expect that you will not be able to pay on time, please notify us timely, so that we can find a solution together with you. If, on the grounds of the insurance conditions, you are entitled to a complete or partial refund, then we will provide the contacts with the insurance company on your behalf.

G. Termination of the relationship
You are entitled to terminate the relationship with us at any time. You can request your insurance company to transfer the current insurance to the advisor of your choice. We are also entitled to terminate the relationship with you. This is without prejudice to the fact that the existing insurance contracts will remain in force. As your intermediary we have the duty of care with regard to your insurance until another party relieves us of this duty.

H. Complaints
If you have a complaint with regard to our services, then please notify us, preferably in writing. The management will observe due care in handling your complaint, and will handle it in accordance with our complaints procedure. If we are unable to reach a satisfactory solution together, you can contact the civil court or submit your complaint to any of the following bodies:

For complaints regarding our work with regard to insurance
Klachten Instituut Financiële Diensten (KIFID)
Postbus 93560,
2509 AN Den Haag,
Telephone 070 3338999
Fax 070 3338900